At Sengodu Foundation, we recognize that access to safe and clean water is essential for promoting health and well-being, particularly in low-income and rural communities. However, many communities around the world face significant challenges in accessing safe and reliable water sources.

We work towards improving water supply by developing and implementing sustainable water management practices that help to conserve and protect water resources and provide access to safe and clean water for communities in need.

Our water supply programs focus on developing and implementing community-based water supply systems, such as rainwater harvesting, groundwater recharge, and water treatment systems, that are tailored to local contexts and can be sustained over the long term. We work closely with local communities, water user associations, and local governments to identify the most pressing water supply needs and develop solutions that are appropriate and sustainable.

Our water supply programs also focus on promoting water conservation and management practices, such as efficient irrigation systems, water reuse, and watershed management, to help communities conserve and protect their water resources and improve their resilience to drought and other water-related challenges.

In addition to promoting sustainable water management practices, we also work towards improving water quality by promoting hygiene and sanitation practices and providing training and resources to communities on water treatment and purification techniques.

By improving water supply and promoting sustainable water management practices, we help to promote health and wellbeing and build resilient communities that are better equipped to withstand water-related challenges. We believe that access to safe and clean water is a fundamental human right, and we are committed to working towards achieving this goal for all.


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