Support to Farmers

At Sengodu Foundation, we recognize the critical role that farmers play in feeding communities and promoting economic development. However, many farmers, particularly those from low-income and rural communities, face significant challenges in accessing the resources and support they need to succeed.

We work towards providing support to farmers by promoting sustainable farming practices and providing training, resources, and financial assistance to help farmers improve their agricultural production and marketing.

Our programs focus on promoting sustainable agriculture practices that help farmers to conserve natural resources, reduce their environmental impact, and increase their productivity. We provide training and resources on topics such as soil conservation, water management, pest management, and crop rotation, to help farmers achieve sustainable and profitable farming practices.

We believe that supporting farmers is essential for promoting economic development and building resilient communities. By providing support to farmers, we help to improve their livelihoods, promote sustainable agriculture practices, and contribute to building a brighter future for all.


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