Emergency Support

At Sengodu Foundation, our emergency support program includes a range of services to help individuals and communities affected by emergencies of all types. These services may include:

Vehicle Ambulance: We provide ambulance services to transport sick or injured individuals to hospitals or medical facilities for urgent medical attention. Our ambulances are equipped with medical equipment and staffed by trained medical professionals who can provide first aid and basic medical care during transportation.

Cash Assistance: In times of emergency, we provide cash assistance to help individuals and families meet their immediate needs such as food, shelter, and medical care. Our cash assistance programs are designed to provide targeted support to those most in need.

Medical Assistance: We provide medical assistance such as providing medicines, medical supplies, and medical consultations to individuals and communities affected by emergencies. We also organize medical camps to provide free medical checkups and treatment to people in need.

Through our emergency support program, we aim to provide timely and effective support to individuals and communities affected by emergencies. We work closely with local authorities, relief organizations, and community leaders to identify the most pressing needs and provide targeted assistance.

We welcome anyone who needs emergency support or wishes to support our emergency support program to contact us for more information. Together, we can help to alleviate the suffering of people affected by emergencies and promote resilience and recovery.


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